My Trials and Tribulations…

Okay yeah I really don’t have anything to complain about… this is really just me wanting to show how awesome I am… because this Christmas I decided to make my mom and sister necklaces… mainly because I didn’t know what to get them and I have a fairly sizable collection of beads and pendants… I’m like this is going to be a snap… well after I was informed after my first attempt that my sister really doesn’t like pink anymore… something I learned later was false… I realized it may not be so easy… then I had 2 necklaces decide to break and spew beads all over my living room… a fact my husband wasn’t too happy about, reminding me repeatedly that I have an art room for a reason… but that room has no TV so instead I’m hunched over a coffee table… one night for about 6 hours straight and the next night for about 4… I realized making necklaces is not that easy… but they were completely thrilled over them and so I was happy and I just wanted to share my work on here because well… that’s how I roll…

The one with the wings was the one that got snipped… it was for the best because it wasn’t nearly as nice as the one I ended up with but it was my first try so I’m still proud of it… Oh and I have to say getting that black pendant to hang in the center of that doodad was perhaps the hardest particular thing I had to do… it took several different tries… but I finally managed it… YAY FOR ME!!!


sadly the only pics I have of the other 2 is while I’m wearing them… I mean I did have to try out the merchandise… so you get to see my pastiness…

DSCF0480 DSCF0488









Anywho, this was my fun before Christmas… and what I get for putting off making gifts until the last second… all worth it in the end, though… 😀


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