Taming Jenna

Taming Jenna  by  Charlene Raddon   description:

The Wrong Man

Deserted by her good-for-nothing father at the tender age of seven, Jenna Leigh Whittington taught herself to ride, shoot, brawl…and steer clear of the opposite sex. But now, in a lonely Utah canyon, the Pinkerton agent has drawn her six-gun on a rugged stranger — only to discover that, far from the dangerous outlaw she’s been tracking, he is Branch McCauley, hired gun . . . and the most irresistible rascal ever to tempt and torment a woman.

The Right Woman

If there’s one thing McCauley trusts less than a female, it’s a female that packs a six-gun. Vowing to bring the sensuous hellcat to heel, McCauley has no inkling that their passionate battle of wills has just begun. Taming Jenna will be the most seductive — and satisfying — job he’s ever taken on . . .

Taming Jenna by Charlene Raddon - 500 small-1Taming Jenna   4 STARS

I really loved this book… and to be honest I was rather surprised because usually when I see the word ‘western’ I skip on to something else… but with this book I didn’t know whether to be laughing or blushing… it was sweet, witty, had a lot of gun fights(as expected) but was also sexxy as hell… more so, I tend to like characters like these… Jenna who’s a woman out to prove she’s just as good as a man and don’t need one… and Branch, a man that ain’t got time to be messing with a woman, much less one that’s so stubborn, and thinks she has a right to his prisoner… I even loved Miquel, the man they’re both hunting down… there was a lot of misdirection and surprise twists that really helped make this book amazing and so much fun to read… but I have to admit those teasing scenes between Jenna and Branch sure didn’t hurt either… Raddon did a great job of making each of the characters distinct… there was no ‘oh wait which one is this again?’… because there was a good cast of men and women that were moving in and out of the story but with the different accents she gave them and really having it written how people would talk made it all the more enjoyable… however, my main problem with this book was that it did feel a bit stretched out in parts and it felt like it was never going to end… because there’s a point when they’ve reached that moment when all has been resolved and this one just went on a bit longer than felt necessary… ultimately, though, it was well worth the read and Raddon is definitely an author I’ll be checking into some more…


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