My 2 Cents on Love

You know everyone else seems to feel the need to give advice on relationships or how to get a man to love you, so I thought I’d throw my 2 cents in… and that is that there is no 1 size fits all answer to relationships… I mean if someone makes you feel bad or doesn’t treat you right then you shouldn’t be in that relationship… that does go for everyone… but in how to make it work… or how to attract guys… (because there never seems to be articles for how guys should attract girls)… there isn’t an answer… half those articles basically say I should end up dying alone… and yet I’m happily married… and yes sometimes I look around and I’m like everyone should be like us because we’re awesome and happy and I want that for everyone… but what works for us won’t work for everyone…

Mainly because I’m the neediest person you will ever meet… seriously… I’m not proud of it… not one bit… but I am who I am… I blame my family for loving me too much… they should’ve probably ignored me a little bit growing up… but no I was drowned in love and now I demand constant attention… and do you know how many articles and people have told me that no one would ever want to be with me because of that… when I was first dating my now husband everyone told me often how he would end up leaving me if I kept being so needy and I really began to panic because I really needed him… so I finally asked him and he said that’s one of the things he loves most about me… he loves that I need him… maybe that sounds weird but it’s true… and I’m pretty sure no other guy on earth would put up with my level of craziness… and well I don’t really care if any other would because mine is perfect for me… he stops my worries and makes me feel relaxed… which is saying a lot… and he never judges the ridiculous things I wear… he holds my hand in public proud to say I’m his wife even when I wear ties, suspenders, clothes that don’t even come close to matching… and let’s not forget my knee high socks that everyone in my family is embarrassed I wear… I knew he was the one for me the moment he watched The Shadow with me and proclaimed it was a really good movie…

Now is our relationship absolutely picture perfect? No… we are rather different people… I mean for some reason he thinks camping is a great vacation… and just refuses to put the seat down on the toilet… and as mentioned above I’m a bit of a handful… but it’s the closest thing to perfect there is…

The fact is all any of us can do is just be ourselves…. Be our best selves because why should any of us just try and slum through life… but still ourselves… and find someone who accepts us for who we are… and who without even trying makes us better… because that’s what that perfect person does… they don’t try and change you… but still makes us better just by loving us…


6 thoughts on “My 2 Cents on Love

  1. Beautifully said and absolutely true, R.G. There’s a reason there is no one size-fits-all approach to finding the right person — because we’re all so different. Those things that make us unique are coincidentally the things the “right person” is going love most about us. That’s how you know they’re “right.”


    • Thanks… I’m glad to know someone agrees… when it comes to writing about such I’m always a bit nervous because obviously I’m not an ‘expert’… but hey whats the point of having a blog if I can’t tell people what I think… 😀


      • because the heart wants what the heart wants… and there is no rhyme or reason to it… learned that when I stupidly fell for my redneck of a husband… I mean I wanted James Bond and I got Paul Bunyan… I still haven’t figured it out and I’m the one that loves him… lol… sorry I could talk about it all day… it’s just one of those mysterious and I can understand why everyone wants to write about it and try and solve it… but some things are better left unexplainable…


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