D.W. Carver has been INTERVIEWED

pic_desperation1.      What’s your name? Where can we find you? Blog? Twitter? Facebook?

D W Carver. I am English and live in East London.  MY website is http://www.dwcarver.com

2.      Other than writing, what is your favorite hobby or thing you enjoy for fun?

I don’t have any hobbies apart from sleeping.

3.       How long have you been writing? How many books have you written? They don’t have to be published.

I have been writing ever since I learnt how at age seven. I wrote a lot of self-help books and booklets for my employers, I don’t know how many. I have written twelve novels, most of them published or on the way to being published by e-publishers.

4.      What genres do you like writing the most? And why? Is this genre the same as the one you prefer to read?

I write contemporary mystery thrillers mostly; that’s the genre I’m most comfortable with. I have a fantasy saga, first two volumes complete and a series set in sixties England – my sort of England; no flared trousers, furry waistcoats and nobody calls anyone ‘man.’  I am currently reading from my youngest son’s bookshelf – the Orphan SF series by Robert Buettner – an excellent writer.

5.      Are you currently writing anything now? If so tell us about it? If not make something up…

I am currently writing a sequel to me mildly erotic novel ‘Desperation’ published by Damnation Books plc.

6.      How do you typically begin your projects? Do you create outlines and character profiles or jump in head first with the initial idea? And do you focus on just one at a time?

The only outline I have ever created is for the third volume of my fantasy saga and that was under duress. I usually have a basic idea and build from there, letting my characters go where they will while tossing the odd alligator through the transom (so to speak)

7.      What aspect of your writing do you consider your strength? Your weakness?NightmaresAndOtherTherapy_200x300_dpi72

I find dialogue easiest. My characters are usually flawed people so there is a good deal of inner turmoil which can get boring if I’m not careful.

8.      After publishing, the next trouble facing writers is marketing. What do you typically do when marketing your novel? Do you have tips you’d like to share?

I write endless emails asking for reviews and do guest posts and interviews like this. I have yet to find a way to make the various community sites and Facebook work for me.

9.      What advice would you give a writer who is starting out?

Be prepared for criticism and keep at it. Writing is a trade and writers get better the more they write (in theory).


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