Quest for the Red Sapphire

Quest for the Red Sapphire  by  Rival Gates   description:

The book centers around Linvin Grithinshield, a half-elf general called home from the goblin wars to
run the lucrative family trading business after his father’s disappearance. Only after his mother’s murder does he discover his destiny is to be the Master of the Red Sapphire, the most powerful magic any mortal can possess. Together with his wise but mysterious Uncle Anvar and his infuriating cousins Bander and Rander, Linvin must flee the would-be assassins and find the gem before the sinister forces from whom he flees find the stone and take it for a dark purpose.

QfRSFrontQuest for the Red Sapphire   3 STARS

I really actually enjoyed this book… the plot was an exciting one… the world that was created was well built and both realistic and magical at the same time… the reader is teased by a brief encounter of a man buying a golden key that will bring his son home… and suddenly we’re there with his son, Linvin, who is revealed to be this great general… a young man who has risen high in the ranks due to his unparalleled display as a warrior but also his intelligence that helps win a war against the goblins though severely outnumbered… then we also see his intelligence as he goes home to take over the family business and in a single day basically saves a crumbling retail empire that had grown beyond its means and had been taken advantage of… and so we see that he is extremely knowledgable in more than just matters of war… but in how to deal with all kinds of people as well… yet the main problem with this story is that we see how smart this man (half elf half man) is but then see the inconsistencies of this built up character when he goes on this important quest… he shows many failures in keeping up with the basics of surviving in the wild… makes several tactical errors when in combat… and risks his and his uncle and his twin cousins lives multiple times… my other problem was the uncle, Anvar, who let a lot of this happen and then would blame Linvin while Anvar stood by and let him risk their lives without voicing the slightest caution until after the event and they were all screwed over… more so everyone in here seemed constantly angry and out to teach each other a lesson in sometimes cruel ways… this series has a lot of promise and if another books comes out I would definitely check it out… but I do hope the author gives a bit more thought into his characters and how they would truly act in certain situations… but like I said it’s exciting and full of action and all the things that draw people to the fantasy genre…


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