Night Slashers

Night Slashers  by  Rashad Freeman   description:

Daniel Montague has a secret. A secret so dark, so disturbing that even he doesn’t remember it. The winding waters of the Mississippi River give him solace. They hold his deepest mysteries like a vault, but now the murky abyss is breaking at the seams.

When an old friend shows up and a rash of murders brings an echo from the past, Daniel’s life is thrown into a cyclone. Now he must fight to keep his wife and unborn son alive, while trying to solve a mystery that keeps getting closer to home.

They say to live in the present you have to forget the past. But what if the past can’t forget you?

slashersNight Slashers   4 STARS

It was a bit of a love hate relationship with this book… and I tend to have that towards this genre which is why I don’t read them often but I do like it when I find a well told one… which this was… it is a dark and twisted tale… and though it was a bit graphic it didn’t rely on gore to scare you… it was very much a psychological thriller as you have that feeling that someone is coming for you… I liked how it was mixed in with the everyday things… Daniel would be out shopping for baby stuff and find out another body was found… be at the bar to learn another had dropped… it could’ve been anyone anywhere and that’s what made it so terrifying… the normal vibe that surrounded it… and each time you think you know who the killer is or why it’s happening Freeman throws a monkey wrench in the mix and you’re left wondering who will be taken out next… and the ending was a huge surprise… like the sort you just never expect to really happen…

But my problem with this book… other than the fact Freeman kept using ‘piece’ instead of ‘peace’… was how unlikeable the characters were… in the beginning you know some just weren’t meant to be liked… but as you get further in there’s pretty much no one left to like… as they become wrapped up in this you can understand they may not be at their best but you’d think like Daniel and Tom would make some smarter choices… but the as you really get into the story, Daniel goes from being this likeable man that you fear for to being rather arrogant and snide… and even though there were lots of times that I was wondering if he was the one behind it all… after all he does have blackouts where he doesn’t know how he came to be where he was… and yes it may sounds strange to want a potential murderer to me more likable… but the further in it got the less I felt for him… and that bothered me… but ultimately the book was pretty great… it didn’t get dragged out and there was plenty of excitement… definitely one worth reading…


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