The Fairy’s Mistake and other such hilarious stories…

The Princess Tales  by  Gail Carson Levine  description:

A kind sister and a cruel one. A charming prince. A spiteful fairy. A hundred-year snooze. A pea under a pile of mattresses. A kiss.

All the familiar ingredients, but why is the punished sister happy? Where did that extra prince come from, and what does a flock of balding sheep or a fleck of tuna in a chocolate cake have to do with anything?

In a land far, far away . . .

A boy with magical powers to win Princess Charming’s heart. A fairy who likes turning humans into toads. A true love forbidden by the King.

A world of fairies and magic — what could be more perfect than that? But is it perfect enough to help a simple farm boy marry a beautiful princess? And if an unruly fairy turns a maiden into a toad, how does she turn herself back? And can a fairy — even a helpful one — change a stubborn king’s law?

Welcome to a land where Princess Charming saves the day, the prince must kiss the toads, and nothing is as it seems!

Happily ever after has never been so hilarious!


Vol. I & II The Princess Tales    5 STARS

There are actually 2 volumes, 3 short stories each, and then there’s the option where you can buy each tale individually… either way they’re wonderful and everyone should have these books… some are a retelling of just one fairy tale… while others have several all swirled into one… but each of them takes the most peculiar look at these fairy tales we thought we knew so well and after reading you’ll never be able to think of them the same way again… and yes these are just young readers books… they have pictures in them… but that in no way diminishes the fun of these stories… some are just new funny quirks added to them that make the characters more alive and real… while other point out obvious problems… like if a princess sleeps for 100 years then there may be some spider webs hanging about and furniture rotting away… but I think more than anything it’s the wonderful personalities she gives the characters that make them so likable that you just want to read it again and again…


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