In Which I Risk Uniting a Divided World in Disdain for Me

this was such a good article and so true… we need to focus more on who people are and not just what they look like… that includes the real and the fictitious alike…

Ever On Word

So, let me try to keep this brief.

Diversity in fiction. Race representation. White male privilege. Etc.

People might assume that since I’m a brown-skinned female, I’d be all up in arms about this kind of thing.

People would be wrong. Call me a privileged white man, but I kind of actually want the whole conversation to die.

My problem with it is that it is WAY too focused on appearances, seeming to imply that, if I don’t see a character who in some way looks like me, I’m too shallow to be able to identify with said character. Like the only way I can see myself in fictional characters is if they share my gender and skin tone and culture. (Like skin tone has anything to do with culture. But I’m not going into all that, right now.) Like the only way I can know I have value as…

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