Beyond Neverland

BOOK 1: Forever Neverland  by  Heather Killough-Walden

Beyond Neverland  description:

In the wake of Neverland’s destruction, Michael Darling harbors a heart that cannot find its place in the real world. John Darling is haunted by the memories of a native princess’s kiss. Tootles is a Lost Boy well and truly lost. And Wendy Darling writes of longing, and wears a gold button on a chain around her neck that once belonged to a notorious pirate captain.

But the mists are building around Wendy’s world. The storms have returned, and the winds are changing. Strange noises and shifting shadows re-awaken memories of a past they all thought they’d left behind.

Magic is stirring, crossing the boundaries between worlds, opening doors that were never quite locked, and filling the seas with promise – and danger. Something is coming… and it’s not leaving without what it came for.

In this conclusive book in Heather Killough-Walden’s Neverland series, Wendy and her friends face a future none of them ever could have imagined, and learn that everything they can’t find in the real world awaits them once more just past the second star to the right… and straight on ‘til morning

beyondBOOK 2: Beyond Neverland   4 STARS

so this book made me cry like a baby… which I think deserves a good rating because it hit me so hard… but, though, the beginning did snag me in and I loved seeing how everyone was both trying to move on from Neverland but still very haunted by it… it was like they were all hoping it might come back and scared of what would happen if it did… it did begin to lose pace a little when the mysterious fog came and they all sensed that Neverland was reforming… during that time it felt a little dragged out as she told of each characters experience… they were at least each rather different and exciting… I found myself wishing the story would hurry up and get to the point… once they got to Neverland it was much better… it was like Neverland 2.0 … and so it was the same but with new dangers and new tricks… it was a good sequel and even had an interesting ending that leaves a chance for a next book… which I wouldn’t mind… but it could end here and still be good… altogether worth the read…


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