The Guardian of Isis

BOOK 1: Keeper of the Isis Light  by Monica Hughes

The Guardian of Isis   description:

Years have passed on Isis, but life has gone backward, not forward. Under their leader, Mark London, the settlers have abandoned the technological knowledge of their forefathers. Upper Isis is now a forbidden zone, and the history of the first inhabitants from Earth has been replaced by myth. But one inquiring young man yearns to know the truth, and soon he gets the chance to find it.

guardianBOOK 2: The Guardian of Isis   4 STARS

definitely an awesome sequel to Keeper of the Isis Light… this is not to far ahead into the future… but those that were kids in the the first book are now grandparents in this one… and I love how her books aren’t just awesome stories… which they are… but there always seems to be something that you can take away, like when you’re done you just feel wiser… which may sound a little silly but I just love Monica Hughes’ books… this story is how Mark London from the first let his anger at being lied to and apparent fear of Olwen twist him into a tyrannical president who has forbidden any technology or machines to be used and in fact has managed to erase any memory of such from his people… they think the world around them is taboo and only their valley is safe to live in… but one boy, Jody, has vision of the world being so much more and of course is eventually turned out… but it turns out to be the best thing to ever happen to him because with the chance to leave the home he’s always known he finally gets to learn the truth…


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