Poetry Slam

So I read my poem, Fences, at Poetry Slam tonight… and despite it’s name no one slams anyone… though 1 douche had a sarcastic question for the winner at the end… but I think she did a good job of answering it in a wonderful manner… and yes I didn’t win… the woman who did, I wish I had her poem to share with you… but like she said it wasn’t meant to be read but spoken… and I’m not even joking… as soon as she read it I was like, “She won”… she did such a great job presenting… and that’s really half the battle there… you have to write something great but you also have to really put the feeling in it… as my insanely smart daddy said tonight, “No one should be able to read out one’s writing better that the writer” … well it was something like that… so sorry daddy if I got it a bit wrong… but it’s true… and that’s what I took away from this… I once more faced my fears of talking in front of a crowd… which I had been promised would be like 10 people… and was actually more like 60…

More than that the winner mentioned me at the end… see everyone else had very moving and meaningful poems… which she said was so wonderful how great they were… but she also specifically said even the one about Fences… because I made a point when I spoke to let everyone know it was in no way  a metaphor for anything else… it was just straight up a poem about fences… meant to be silly… and everyone got a little giggle out of it… and so I feel rather special that I got specifically pointed out by the winner… which makes me feel by association a winner as well… because sometimes people think their poetry or really any of their writing has to have this deep philosophical meaning… or be about real issues or emotions… but sometimes it’s okay to just be silly… you may not win first place but people will appreciate the laugh… and making people laugh is a wonderful gift…

but whatever you do… just keep writing… 😀


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