The Man Test

The Man Test  by  Amanda Aksel  description:

Marin Johns is San Francisco’s Pollyanna couples therapist. She’s months away from wedded bliss when she discovers her fiancé is having an affair. After nursing her broken heart with Kleenex and break-up songs, she adopts a new brand of thinking when she uncovers a tell-all book that proves all men are liars and cheaters who will do and say anything so they’re not found out. No exceptions.

 In an attempt to convince her friends of her newfound truth, she begins a fictitious relationship with James, a do-gooder from Montana. Marin seeks any means necessary to catch him cheating from hiring a PI to enlisting the help of a fidelity tester. Will her new “boyfriend” beat the statistic or will Marin regret the satisfaction of being right?

TheManTest_Cover1The Man Test   5 STARS

Normally romance novels don’t get a very high rating with me, even though I absolutely love them. The fact is they are quite predictable, and it is something the genre really can’t help and most authors don’t even try to help. But Askel’s book is about so much more than whether the girl gets the perfect guy in the end. It is funny and sweet and absolutely heartbreaking as it delves into the world of love, and shows the many sides of it. Some men cheat, some men are faithful, and women can be just as bad, but more so that some relationships are worth fighting to save while others were meant to end.

I loved the characters in this story. They really made it well rounded and nicely balanced, and Marin is someone that is so easy to relate to for all of us who have been in a relationship, who have been heartbroken, and who have gone a little crazy in the pursuit of the truth. She is someone you can sympathize with, because even as you know what she is doing is wrong you can see that she does too. That she’s just gotten a little lost and doesn’t know how to dig her way out of it yet, but it’s a trip you don’t mind taking along side her. This book is well worth the read.


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