Goodreads Friending

If you want to friend me on Goodreads I look forward to it… If you come across a book you really think I’ll like then sure, recommend it… but please don’t add me just to keep recommending 3 books a day by the same author over and over and over… and when I politely ask you stop recommending those books to switch and start recommending some other author repeatedly… as you can probably guess this has happened to me… I’m not sure what that person’s aim was and if she really thought I’d like the books or if that author was a friend of hers she was hoping I would review… but I have actual channels through which to get a review… I’m pretty lax in that… I don’t expect some formal letter and I try my hardest to respond to every email even if to tell them their book isn’t for me… but I do have my set up and I appreciate for people to send such requests through to my email with the details I’ve asked for… and Thank You to all those that have sent me their books or asked for interviews… it makes me happy to hear from all of you… and I look forward to all who want to follow or friend me on Goodreads… I like seeing others reviews and it’s a good way to check out all the reviews I’ve done that have yet to show up on my blog… and I hope you all have a great day 😀


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