BOOK 1: Slave  by  Cheryl Brooks

BOOK 2: Warrior

Rogue  description:

He crawled toward me on his hands and knees like a tiger stalking his prey.

The third book in The Cat Star Chronicles series – a hot, sexy paranormal romance.

No woman has ever tamed him before…
Enslaved for years, Tychar belongs to the Queen of Darconia. His feline gene gives him remarkable sexual powers and every female on the planet is in love with him. Then, the Queen gives him to Kyra…

Does she even stand a chance?
Or will she be just another one of his conquests? Why would he choose the modest piano teacher? Yet the two are drawn to each other with a powerful, magnetic attraction unlike any he’s felt before… Then the palace is attacked in a coup, and Tychar has to choose between freedom and love…

rogueBOOK 3: Rogue    3 STARS

My favorite so far… she’s definitely improving with each book… this ones plot has got a lot going on with it… Kyra has traveled to the planet Draconia to teach the Queen’s daughter to play the piano… and the inhabitants of this world are basically like dinosaurs and are just now beginning to try and reach out and let other inhabitants onto their world… and yes they’re finally getting a McDonalds… but with any other kingdom there are those who aren’t happy about the change… so Kyra has to adapt to their customs and worries how this world will take to the new things being introduced to it… which is where everything finally gets involved in the alien races she’s introducing as we learn about their society and government… which was part of what made this book so much better… and of course Kyra also is introduced to a couple of the Queen’s prized slaves… and of course their Zetithian brothers and she just doesn’t know what to do with them both… this book definitely had a lot to draw you in and was sexxy as hell while also being rather funny… it had me cracking up a lot… I enjoyed it and will keep on reading this series for sure…


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