Spectral Heart

Spectral Heart  by  J. Annas Walker   description:

Austin and Jody Pressman have had a rough time over the past few years. Austin’s new job offer gives them the chance to get a fresh start. After years of depression, Jody found herself childless and unable to work. A new town and new friends are just what Jody needs to get life back to normal. But the house they’ve rented comes with secrets of its own.

Austin’s happy-go-luck optimism keeps Jody balanced, but what will she do after his accident? His bully of a father and equally unpleasant mother turn up to add insult to injury. Ignored by his family, Jody hides in her room. Will Jody survive without Austin at her side? What secrets does the house hold? Can she find the strength to turn things around in her favor and get her happily-ever-after? Does love have any boundaries?

spectral heart_largeSpectral Heart   2 STARS

While this story is sweet… and considering it’s a short story does a good job of hooking you and getting to know the characters fairly well… it just left a lot to be desired… everything happened so fast and it felt like nothing was really explained… why couldn’t she leave the house? did she really commit suicide? and what was up with Austin and the bad feeling she had? this felt like something that would’ve made an interesting novel for the author to really delve into… for instance what is up with this house… I mean is this the truth for all ghosts or is it just this house that holds on to them… and the lives they led before hand would’ve been an interesting tale in itself… but everything gets shoved at you at once… and while Walker is obviously a very good writer… and I would definitely want to check out more of her work… this seemed too short and quick to really make you feel like the characters had any growth or that the story really got told as well as it could have…


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