I Just Want to be a Brace Face Already!!!

brace face

Okay I’d just like to say that my mouth isn’t all jacked up… not a snaggle tooth… but when my wisdom teeth came in things were a bit crowded and now that they’re out I was like hey I should get braces and straighten this junk up… no big deal right… after all my sister got them and the first day she went to the orthodontist they slapped them on her… of course it couldn’t go that easy for me… after all my first appointment was back in March and I still don’t have braces… this is how they’ve gone so far…

  • 1st Appointment: they agreed that yes I do need braces…
  • 2nd Appointment: they take some X-rays and make molds to prove in 2-D and 3-D that in fact I do need braces…
  • 3rd Appointment: they’re trying to come up with a plan to put braces on… and that may take 3-5 weeks…
  • 4th Appointment: they think they’ve got a plan… they’re not sure though…

I’m hoping by the 5th appointment that something may have happened but at this rate I’m pretty sure I’m just flushing money down the toilet… though I will say I’ll only give them 5, maybe 20, more appointments before I call it quits… but seriously why can’t anything ever go smoothly for me? It’s like the medical profession has it out for me… and it hurts… it hurts real bad…


7 thoughts on “I Just Want to be a Brace Face Already!!!

    • so true… and I have been warned of the horrors of flossing with braces… definitely not looking forward to that… but it’ll all be worth it to get a beautifully straight smile…


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