Lakeshore Christmas

Lakeshore Christmas  by  Susan Wiggs   description:

Maureen Davenport lives for Christmas, and there’s nothing more magical than Christmas on Willow Lake.

The prim librarian is finally getting her chance to direct Avalon’s annual holiday pageant, and she’s determined to make it truly spectacular. But it might just require one of those Christmas miracles she’s always read about.

Because her codirector is recovering former child star Eddie Haven, a long-haired, tattooed lump of coal in Maureen’s pageant stocking. Eddie can’t stand Christmas, but a court order from a judge has landed him right in the middle of the merrymaking.

Maureen and Eddie spar over every detail of the pageant, from casting troubled kids to Eddie’s original, and distinctly untraditional, music. Is he trying to sabotage the performance to spite her? Or is she trying too hard to fit the show into her storybook-perfect notion of Christmas?

And how is it possible that they’re falling in love?

lakeshoreBOOK 6: Lakeshore Christmas   4 STARS

Well, apparently this is part of a series… I have read none of the others so I’m guessing you don’t have to because I thoroughly enjoyed this one… it’s the fairly typical of opposites attract… the supposedly uptight Maureen who wants everything to be perfect, and Eddie who apparently could care less about it all… blah blah blah… what I think made this so great is all the side stories… in some ways Eddie’s family and figuring out what the deal with Eddie really was… but most of all it was the ghost/ possible angle that made this story great… and it’s mainly because it doesn’t address what the boy in the hoodie is… it’s a mystery… he may in fact have been a normal boy… and more than anything I liked that he wasn’t there to bring Eddie and Maureen together… more than anything he was there to help save Christmas… and I love those kinds of stories no matter what… but all the characters were really brought to life through this tale… and there are a lot of side characters with their own stories that Wiggs somehow manages to make not an overkill but instead a feeling of a small town trying to come together… it’s really sweet and romantic and a bit unusual in its way…. which made it a wonderful read as all of her books have been so far…


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