My Problem with Watson being a Woman

So I love the show Elementary… it’s awesome and I think does a great job of bringing the Sherlock Holmes to life in not only the modern day but also in New York rather than London… and I think Johnny Lee Miller does an amazing job… how he can be a rude know it all that most can barely stand to work with and yet also someone who you love and want to see more of is not an easy thing to do… and of course one of the things that helps you see how great he is under that brusque manner is Watson… and while Lucy Liu is a great actress and does add an interesting angle to the character… there is just something about Watson being a woman that in a way diminishes what makes Sherlock and Watson such an intriguing team…

Now in Elementary, Moriarty is also a woman and I find I actually do like that… Moriarty is his arch enemy but in a way about the only person who can meet Sherlock as an equal… which makes them need each other even as they fight each other… everyone needs someone who they can connect with… most normal people can meet all sorts for which to do such… but someone like Sherlock would have a hard time finding anyone… aside from his brother, Mycroft… and having Moriarty a woman makes that connection a deeper one that kind of makes their relationship a more interesting and tangly association than just a criminal being chased by a detective…

I said all that to say that I don’t mind when women take the parts that were once assigned to men… done right it can make you take a whole new look at their life… yet as I watch Sherlock and even think of the Sherlock Holmes movies… and yes the original stories… because after all that is what all this comes from… the thing that makes Sherlock and Watson such an incredible team is that they love each other… but it isn’t a sexual love… romantic love… I wouldn’t even say just a normal bromance… it’s almost indefinable… and that’s what makes it so truly wonderful… Watson, while smart (after all he is a doctor), is nowhere near the intellectual level of Sherlock… and while he’s not useless he isn’t exactly necessary for Sherlock to solve the case… and yet he needs Watson… not only that, Watson is one of the few people he truly respects and tries to treat better than anyone else… there’s no real explanation for it, and that’s how it is with some relationships… some people don’t make sense and yet they just do…

But when you make Watson a woman it gets complicated… as it has turned out with Elementary… suddenly it isn’t just a dynamic duo, but one filled with sexual tension and people getting their hearts broken… even a love triangle between the brothers and female Watson… and that weakens what has always been a great, if mystifying, friendship into just a messy love affair… and that simply saddens me…


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