Desperately Ever After

Desperately Ever After  by  Laura Kenyon   description:

Imagine what might happen if our most beloved fairy tale princesses were the best of friends and had the dreams, dilemmas, and libidos of the modern woman. How would their stories unfold after the wedding bells stopped ringing? Set in a fictional realm based on New York City, DESPERATELY EVER AFTER sprinkles women’s fiction with elements of fantasy, and encourages readers to rethink everything they know about happy endings.

Years after turning her husband from beast back to man and becoming his queen, Belle finds out she’s finally going to have a child. But before she can announce the wondrous news, she catches him cheating and watches her “happily ever after” go up in flames. Turning to her friends for the strength to land with grace, she realizes she’s not the only one at a crossroads:

Cinderella, a mother of four drowning in royal duties, is facing her 30th birthday and questioning everything she’s done (or hasn’t) with her life.

Rapunzel, a sex-crazed socialite and one-woman powerhouse, is on a self-destructive quest to make up for 20 years locked away in a tower.

Penelopea, an outsider with a mother-in-law from hell, is harboring a secret that could ruin everything at any moment.

One part Sex and the City, two parts Desperate Housewives, and three parts Brothers Grimm, DESPERATELY EVER AFTER picks up where the original tales left off—and reimagines them a la Gregory Maguire’s Wicked. With the wit of authors like Jennifer Weiner and the vision of ABC’s Once Upon a Time, the women of DESPERATELY EVER AFTER rescue each other from life’s trials with laughter, wine, and a scandalous new take on happily ever after.

desperatelyBOOK 1: Desperately Ever After   5 STARS

Wow… I wasn’t sure what I’d be getting into when reading this… in fact I was expecting some cynical take on the old fairy tales that would leave you doubting if any of it could ever be happy… when in fact it’s a rather wonderful book that did a great job of taking the old fairy tales and bringing them to life in a modern and relateable setting that still held all the fantasy and possibilities of curses and magic and maids becoming queens… and more than that it had a very deep and meaningful plot line of what anyone who has ever been in love and especially married can understand when that perfectly happily ever after isn’t all rainbows and sunshine… but deals with relationship issues and fears of what your other half is up to… however, Kenyon does it in a way that while it is a very emotional story it’s witty and funny and full of magical quirks that keep that atmosphere of the worlds the Grimm Brothers first created… and I was especially appreciative that Kenyon used a lot of what the original stories held and didn’t just go off the shiny Disney movies that are the better known versions… and each of the princesses were very unique characters that I think gave great definition to the image of what a woman stuck in such a tale would grow to be like… they had real personalities and real dilemmas left by the events that we would’ve read about and now we get to see how it all works out after the wedding bells have rung… I’ve read a lot of retelling of fairy tales but I can’t say I’ve ever read anything like this before… and I can’t wait for the next book to come out…

Oh and I have to add that I absolutely loved the gossip columns that would appear throughout the book… it gave an interesting look at what was going on with the princesses from a more outside perspective… and especially at the very beginning helps loop the reader in on what’s going on and how these characters are now living their lives… and with it being a columnist writer saying this it helps keep the story from being bogged down elsewhere with such info but we still get what we need to know in a humorous way…


6 thoughts on “Desperately Ever After

  1. RG, thanks so much for this wonderful review!! I’m so sorry it took me so long to leave this comment, but I’ve been busy with my own little princess 🙂


    • I’m so glad you like it… and I understand… sadly people have lives that don’t revolve around my awesomeness… and congrats on having a little girl… make sure you spoil her 😀


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