The Goblin King

BOOK 1: The Vampire King  by  Heather Killough-Walden

BOOK 2: The Phantom King

BOOK 3: The Warlock King

The Goblin King   description:

Damon Chroi has known the weight of ruling in loneliness for thousands of years. The tall, painfully handsome fae lord was born with so much power, the fae kings not only envied but feared him, and banished him to a forbidden realm to be forgotten. There, he was tasked with ruling over the deadliest creatures known to the fae worlds, and his veritable battle as their sovereign is never-ending. As one of the 13 Kings, his destiny foretells an end to his solitude with the appearance of an equally powerful queen. But that kind of power is hard to come by. And power or not, Damon can’t imagine any woman willingly joining him in the eternal misery to which he has been tasked.

Until he meets the beautiful, strong and selfless Diana Piper.

Diana has been hiding a potent secret from the world for decades. She was born with abilities others would fight to win, and kill to keep. To make matters worse, she is a sensitive soul who, despite the danger it poses to herself, uses these powers to make the world a better place. Forever in harm’s way, overworked and head strong, Diana one night comes across the ultimate challenge in the form of a wayward fae beast – and in the process, crosses paths with its indomitable king. A light can only shine in the darkness so long before someone takes note of it. And Diana not only manages to gain the instant attentions of Damon Chroi… but of those who would do anything to see him – and the other 13 Kings – dead.

goblin kingBOOK 4: The Goblin King  5 STARS

While all her characters have felt real and alive… this book some how brought a new life with it… Damon and Diana bonding over their love of the movie Highlander… and Damon the Goblin King loving My Little Ponies just brought humor and common silliness that made these characters become real people… no more of those paranormal men who have lived centuries and are bored with the world… Damon may have been around a long long long time, practically trapped in the Goblin kingdom, but he loves Netflix and likes Shutterfly pony the least… and hearing witches complain about jobs they’re only working to look normal cracked me up… it was exciting and action packed… but it also had those moments that we’ve all had in our everyday lives that is just absolutely ridiculous to hear from these powerful people and yet nice… if you’ve reached this novel then you pretty much already know what to expect… things are getting darker and harder for all the good guys but Killough-Walden managed to make this story rife with humor and movie references that you can’t help but love and in so doing love the characters all the more… a truly wonderful book…


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