Immortal Descent COVER REVEAL!!!


Immortal Descent by R.G. Dole

Coming… Eventually…

Okay so I was planning to wait until I actually had a more fixed date on when the book was coming out to share this… but I was too excited about the cover done by Eric Wilder who also does The Grimm Report… and had to share… but it shouldn’t be too much longer because it has been completely written… I’m just in the final editing stages…

This was originally named The Last Immortal… but that title got ditched for the way cooler Immortal Descent… anyway this is the sorta second book to Immortal Longings… it’s a future look at Eric Lupir’s life… and well I probably should also figure out a good description for the book… basically this is a couple of centuries after the last book ended… Eric is now all alone in the world… but Cynthia Weathers, a descendant of Gordon Weathers who helped Lucus and Lexi in pt. 2 of the first book,  is sent to find Eric because someone is killing off his descendants in a manner that seems vampiric… and yet there are no more vampires just as there are no more werewolves… but there are plenty of other paranormal creatures out there and that is what the Weathers family deals in… but even this is bigger than they can handle and so they have to go find the last true immortal on earth…


4 thoughts on “Immortal Descent COVER REVEAL!!!

  1. CONGRATULATIONS on the finished book cover! Everything is finally coming together now right?! You must feel like this is it, this is really happening. I can only imagine your excitement.

    I love the wine glass with – is it blood? – being poured into it. And the description sounds rather interesting. I’d ask you some questions about it, but I think I’ll wait for the book. But, I feel like I have to say this, I don’t completely like the font. I’m really sorry, but the font turns down the ‘wow’ factor. I know this is probably the last thing you want to hear so again, I’m terribly sorry. I can still see this book on the stands though and it looks awesome.


    • yes that is blood… and I’m sorry you don’t like the font but it’s what I picked out… though I had been wondering whether or not it should all be capitalized like that… but don’t ever be sorry… I don’t mind polite opinions… at times it’s really needed to perhaps make things better… and yeah I’m pretty excited… it was awesome getting this cover and it being even better than I imagined it would be… I gave only a sort of vague description and Eric really came through…


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