Have You Actually Read the Book?

50 shadesWhen the Fifty Shades of Grey books by E. L. James came out there was a this huge outrage by people who obviously had not read the book… and now that the movie is coming out there is this huge outrage by people who have not read the book and of course haven’t seen the movie that’s not out yet either… my problem with this is my problem with anyone talking about any book they haven’t read… they don’t actually know what’s going on in it, but instead go off a preconceived notions off of what little they might have gleaned from reading the back of the book… if they even read that much… I think they just basically hear about what genre it’s categorized under and then jump from there…

I just read some article talking about how 50 Shades is about rape and violence… while there is some messed up stuff and Grey is definitely someone with issues… the one thing anyone can say is there is no rape in the book… he makes sure everything is completely consensual before hand… he even makes sure that any woman he’s with signs a form saying everything they’re willing and not willing to do… so how is any of that rape? and is it even violence if they’re in to that… sure to most it might sound a bit too far out there for their tastes… but then don’t do it at home… don’t read the books… but don’t talk bad about a book you haven’t read… it’s just ridiculous…


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