Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday to Me! Happy Birthday Dear Me! Happy Birthday to MEEEEEEE!!!

and to celebrate my birthday I’m not going to put in any effort in actually writing a new review… but instead will just flash back on some of my favorites… cause I’m just that awesome… WOOT!

To begin with… a book/movie that I’ve loved and read/watched several times…

stardustStardust  5 STARS

Great movie… great book… witches, magic, love… all the greats… and blah blah blah read what I wrote on the original post…

Invitation to the Game    5 STARSittg

I have read this one back to back before… it’s simple yet meaningful… a warning look into what our future may become… need I say more… well then once more check out the linky bit…

switchedSwitched    4 STARS

Yes this one only got 4 STARS… but that’s cause you go in and it’s pretty awesome but you’re like “man I know where this is going”… and then the rest of the series is all like “Oh no you didn’t!”… so really this is just an endorsement for the whole trilogy… but it’s my birthday and I can do what I want…


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