Write Good or Write Memorable

First off I’m not saying that you can’t write both grammatically correct and create memorable characters and stories… but sometimes it seems that people get so caught up in the grammar that they forget about the story… it’s called creative license for a reason… and while grammar rules shouldn’t be ignored (I’m laughing on the inside as I currently throw them all out the window)… they also shouldn’t be what’s most important… while reviewing a book that will remain unnamed I saw that it was a good story but that there were a lot of errors in it… and while I probably will never notice that a comma is out of place… even I can’t overlook when words are missing from sentences or misspelled… and I told the author and they graciously took my critique and allowed me to read their second book… which I was sad to see that was so edited and corrected to the point that it lost the wonderful flow that made the first book move so quickly… the sentences were short and jerky… and while there was definitely no run on sentences there was also no running with the story to see where it went…

All of which makes me think of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle… critics have since the beginning talked about what awful writing the Sherlock Holmes stories incorporate… and really all his books because he did write other stories… and when you read it you can see that it definitely isn’t Shakespeare… the writing is simple at best… but it was able to reach all ranges of people… by keeping the writing simple those who weren’t the best at reading could still enjoy it… and yet Sherlock Holmes is a detective by whose standards all other detectives are compared to today and so could draw in those more intelligent readers… Doyle created the sort of character that every author wishes he can… the sort that people are still trying to understand today… who remains alive as we recreate him and mimic him… People are out there speculating right now as to whether or not he has an older brother named Sherrinford… most books if a character isn’t mentioned then they don’t exist and no one cares… and here people are trying to delve into a possible family of his that may exist… it’s amazing…

All of which leads me to conclude that sometimes we need to not worry if it’s “Joe and I” or “me and Joe”… (which by the way sometimes it actually is “me and Joe” people seem to forget that)… at least in the beginning… and worry more about if the readers are going to remember this story for years to come or forget it the moment the last page is read… that may seem like a lot of pressure but I’m sure if you’re really into creating a world between the pages you’ll be able to accomplish such a task…


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