Rereading Harry Potter

harryBOOK 1: The Sorcerer’s Stone    4 STARS

I decided to reread this book because it seems to suddenly be popping up all over the place… mainly in jokes and how this world doesn’t really make sense… but then I read a blog talking about as an adult the woman now could see the abuse happening to Harry at the Dursley’s house… or how ridiculous that some of the greatest wizards in the world were at Hogwarts but it took a bunch of kids to save the day… The truth is that once you start to see this book that way you’re clearly too old for the genre… When rereading it I was surprised to find that it seems much more written in Young Readers style than Young Adult like I was expecting considering how amazing I remember it being… but then again I was in middle school when I read it so that makes sense… and when I originally read it it would’ve been hands down 5 STARS but I guess maybe knowing so much about it already or just being older now it felt good but only 4 STARS good… having it pointed out to me I did notice that it was obviously child neglect and abuse what Harry was suffering from the Dursleys… but if you look at books written for this age there’s a lot of that going around… I read a book where the parents forgot to send their kid to school and she often ended up being left to sleep in the museum they worked long nights at which is bad neglect… but it’s because of the neglect and abuse that Harry Potter doesn’t care about leaving the Dursley’s behind or staying at Hogwarts over holidays… if he had a happy home to go to much of the plot would be lost… and what kid wants to read about the grownups saving the day… kids want to know they’re smarts and creativity can be used to save the day… after all kids are natural out-of-the-box thinkers… these books are meant to not only entertain but perhaps inspire kids to be creative and willing to do the right thing… or maybe just be super smart and dedicated like Hermione… if that awesomeness is lost on you in any sort of book like this it’s time to stick to the grown-up section of the book store…


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