Rereading Harry Potter 2

BOOK 1: The Sorcerer’s Stone

chamberBOOK 2: The Chamber of Secrets   4 STARS

Emotionally this book was 3 STARS for me… but I try not to rate on emotion alone… but while the books later on grow more serious and tragic… this one bothered me the first time I read as much as it did this go around because I hated how Harry kept getting blamed for things he didn’t do… and how easily the students turned on him for a gift he can’t help he has when all he’s ever done is try and do good… and while in the last post I mentioned the child neglect and this one took it to a whole new level… this go around I questioned why Harry seemed to be so docile about it… perhaps as I grow older I become more willing to revolt against authority… but he only didn’t want to use magic so he could go to Hogwarts but the Dursleys lock him in his room and say they won’t let him go… I would be raising some Hell that’s for sure… even if he didn’t want to resort to magic I would be letting my presence known… I mean how much worse can it get… More so, it’s that Harry was finally finding his place in the world and so early on it was being ripped from him and that just breaks my heart… even if it all does turn out okay in the end…

Also now I’m beginning to wonder if perhaps Dumbledore doesn’t bring all these bad teachers into the Defense Against the Dark Arts position in order to keep an eye on them… he definitely didn’t seem too surprised that Lockhart had a memory charm backfire on himself… all I’m saying is that Dumbledore has proven himself to be a sneaky man… wouldn’t put it past him…


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