Painting in Progress

I have been painting for years… all sorts of random stuff… and over the years I’ve been trying to, of course, improvepencil death and try new and different things… like layering the colors to make it have depth and definition… but the latest painting really should’ve been pretty easy… it was meant to be straight and simple… though when it came to just sketching it there was already some problems… apparently there aren’t too many models to look at for someone kneeling from behind… which just sounds weird when you spell it out like that… but still… after finally getting it all proportioned right and my husband apparently liking it so much I decided to do it as the painting to go above his desk… the only thing is that the sketch is made for a much smaller sort of canvas… unlike the 2ft x 3ft canvas I had picked out…

DSCF1286And so I painted it all pretty… and it was awesome… for all of about 5 seconds… and then something was nagging at me and nagging at me… in fact it nagged the rest of the day and through the night until I woke up the next morning realizing what was wrong… the head was too high and straight up when she’s supposed to be leaning forward and looking down slightly… and so I’m quick to fix it and send it off as good again… and then it’s like no… something is still wrong… and I’m staring and staring… and moving it through the house for some reason… and then I realized the problem was that there was no depth to the picture… and while it’s supposed to be unrealistic… and I wasn’t wanting to add shadows… I knew it needed more and so I added a tree into the distance to give the illusion of distance… and still it needed more… and so I reworked the lines… which by the way are supposed to be cracks in the ground filling with blood… happy I know… and so I began to make them thicker the closer they get to the edge… and finally after working on it for 3 days… even though it should’ve taken only a few hours really… it is done… and while it does have a very simple look to it… yet it’s been one of the hardest paintings I’ve ever done in trying to figure out what it needed to finally look right… but in the end I’m finally happy with it… WOOT!!! so here is Oh, Death:

Scythe Painting 2


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