Writing and Rewriting

I’ve decided to rewrite my book Immortal Longings… figured it would be better to do so now before really  many bought it… and while the plot will remain the same… I want the writing to be better… some have asked if it’s really because I want it to be better or because I don’t have a new idea to move past it… but the fact is I wrote a second book for it… and while I’m having to rework it a bit to make it sound better also due to a few complaints… I thought it’s not very likely that anyone would want to read it if the first book isn’t too good… and while I don’t think it was horrible… I realized that after just one semester in college my writing improved by leaps and bounds… and looking at the book now I saw how much it was lacking… and so I want it to be the best I can do… and while I hope to continue to improve and move on past it… I just couldn’t let it stand as it was… it bothered me too much… and as I mentioned it’d be better to fix it now before too many have read it than to wait till others get a hold of it…

Yet while I’m rewriting I’m, as usual, dragging my feet… When I finally sit down it flows right out… after all I do already have the whole story and know what happen to my characters… no writers block to worry about here… and yet still I’m a regular old slacker… I find it frustrating… especially when I see other writers talking about the word counts and their goals being met… I hate those people a little bit… and I just wish there was some sort of easy answer… like hey do this and that and *poof* your book will appear done and perfect… anyone got any advice on that? I’m just frustrated with myself… I mean I want to write this book and the next and a whole bunch of different sorts that aren’t even like this one… I look at my Word document… I stare at it… and then I exit and go do something else… or I get a few words squeezed out before caving in and going elsewhere once more… so sad…


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