Holding Out for a Hero

So it’s my Senior Thesis time and it’s part of the reason why my posts are going to probably be fewer and fewer… I’m having to put all my efforts and time into my research and while I still do read it takes me longer to get through a book and luckily I do have no other English classes to distract me… but that also means that I can’t even whip out some reviews off of my required reading list… so sorry if you’re all sad out there missing my amazing posts… and if you’re wondering about the title up there, well my Senior Thesis is actually on comic book heroes… I grew up watching a few such TV shows like Batman Beyond and even the old Flash… but honestly it wasn’t until the last few years that I’ve really become intrigued by them… starting with the Dark Knight Trilogy and Iron Man and all the ones that have been following those successes… I started watching all the movies and the shows and began looking into the characters history and seeing how they’ve changed over the years… still not much for the actual comic books but I do have a few… mainly Batman because he is my favorite…

Then I got the chance to write an essay (which sadly I didn’t post on here, maybe will later) comparing the heroes from Greek mythology to comic book heroes today to show how our views on what makes a hero have changed… because if you’ve ever read the original stories you know those Greek heroes did a lot of things we’d consider unforgivable now… and so that started my real interests into what makes these guys heroes and why they’ve survived over the years and why they’re so popular now… considering it’ll be about 40 pages long I will most likely never share it with all you wonderful people… please try not to cry… but I did want to give some explanation as to why I’ve been such a slacker and to also share the song that’s been stuck in my head since I’ve started this project…


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