Why Edgar Rice Burroughs is my Favorite Author…

There are very few things in life that I regret… I find that regret is useless and I rarely want to change anything because the small things don’t matter and the big things are what most likely led me to where I am today and I rather like where I am today… but the things that do plague me tend to be missed moments to say something awesome… usually the awesome thing I should’ve said comes to me later… but in this one instance I knew what I was going to say… I was in one of my English classes and we had a man visiting the class, he was some important guy in the college… I have no clue what his job is though… and of course he was asking us all what our name was and our major and who our favorite author was… and I was so excited… I mean nothing makes me happier than getting to tell people how awesome old ERB is… and so I’m waiting my turn and everyone else’s answer is “I don’t know who my favorite author is”… which is just craziness… but still, perhaps that is why by the time he got to me he decided to give up on asking that… I was crushed but I decided to push on and say hey I have a favorite author it’s Edgar Rice Burroughs… but then a tragic thing happened… before I could explain why, my teacher jumped in surprised that I hadn’t named Sir Arthur Conan Doyle apparently because of a report I’d done in a previous class on him (which I aced) and so then I got caught up explaining why he isn’t my favorite though still a notable author and by the time I got back to trying to explain about Burroughs my moment was getting way off track… and then when no one recognized the name (tragedy of the largest degree) my only response is… Tarzan… and then there goes those expressions… the ones that say how ridiculous for you to love the man that created Tarzan… why would anyone be proud of this? all of which is in no way based on the books but from the horrible things Hollywood has done to Tarzan… and so the moment was gone and I never got to tell those people why Burroughs is so absolutely amazing… and so since these thoughts are currently hitting me in the wee hours of the morning I’ve decided to tell all of you, and perhaps that will free me from this sadness…

The wonderful thing about Edgar Rice Burroughs is how he writes with a sense of grandeur… there really is no other way to describe it and I’ve never read anyone else that quite compares… he writes men and women not how they are but how they should be… he creates these incredible and complex worlds and civilizations… that are unique but not beyond what you can relate too… and no matter where the story is it’s filled with people who are honorable, trustworthy, and who hold integrity above all else… they fight the world over for those they love and put the needs of others before their own welfare… I’ve never read another book that when I’m done I feel like a better person for having known these characters… they make me want to go out and fight for what is right and change the world for the better… sure every book I read makes me feel… I get excited and involved and I’m sad when it’s over… but these books hit me on a much higher level… Like how the Moon Men series made me have a new appreciation for my country… all I wanted to do was go out and protect it from anyone who might want to hurt us… his books make me want to be that person who does those good things for no other reason than because it is the right thing to do because that is what his characters do… they are unwavering… he’s the writer that made me want to be a writer… and I know it may sound crazy to say these books have the impact they do… and I know no one else may ever feel that way… and while I usually don’t really care if someone likes the same authors I do, for some reason it hurts me to know that others don’t understand how incredible his books are… don’t see the truth of how ahead of their time they were and not just in futuristic inventions but with how he saw people, all equal and all valuable… and I think it makes me even sadder to know that all most people will ever know of him is the ridiculous movies that get put out or that dumb line “Me Tarzan, you Jane” which was never even said in the books because well Tarzan was way smarter than that… the thing is that some people only see the mere basics of the stories and not all the underlying values that they hold…

but all of that is why Edgar Rice Burroughs is my favorite author…


2 thoughts on “Why Edgar Rice Burroughs is my Favorite Author…

    • his books aren’t that long… and yeah I’m so happy for you… I love that series… though my all time favorite is The Mad King which is just a stand a lone book though some characters do pop up in other books… that’s another thing I love about his writing is that almost all his books some how end up intertwining… either directly or just in little hints like “ah I see what you did there…”


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