Harlequin Makeup

harlequin mask  So this weekend I got to have fun at a Harlequin photo shoot… it’s always nice to get to do something a bit different… anyway since I had nothing better to talk about I figured I’d share about my makeup…

I got the idea from a tutorial I watched to help show how to do it though sadly I don’t have all the makeup or brushes she did… and as you can see mine isn’t exactly as hers is… but that’s fine with me… don’t want to be samesies…

First off I’m lucky that I’m so pale I was able to use my normal foundation to make a smooth look… I didn’t worry with fake eyelashes just put some mascara on… but I did use a liquid eyeliner that had a fine point for the lines around my eyes as well as the little dots and on my lips… but the thing the video doesn’t mention is what a pain it is to get off… the only time I wear makeup is for pictures and so I don’t knDSCF1368ow if it’s common knowledge or not… but lucky I have a mom who knows a thing or two because she was quick to inform after hours of scrubbing to the point I wasn’t sure I’d have any skin left… the trick to getting off a waterproof eyeliner is baby oil… and it worked like a champ… still took a little scrubbing but not nearly as much…

For the black I just used Bare Minerals black but since it was powder I had to use water to make it manageable… in fact I had to use water on the Sephora red eye shadow even thDSCF1369ough it’s the solid sort… the red not only went on my eyes but was used for my lips too though I had to use several coatings of it… and while I used just some regular red lipstick on my eyebrows on the first coat I also went again with the red eye shadow… so it came in real handy…

I also wanted to show the only two eye shadow brushes I used with their perspective colors… for the fading out I just used my fingers… it would be nice to have all those things the lady on the video had but it’s crazy how fast what I did buy racked up so sometimes you just gotta get creative with what you got…

and because I couldn’t help myself… I had to throw a little Batman in there…

batman harlequin




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