Farmer in the Sky

Farmer in the Sky  by  Robert A. Heinlein  description:

The Earth is crowded and food is rationed, but a colony on Ganymede, one of the moons of Jupiter, offers an escape for teenager Bill Lermer and his family. Back on Earth, the move sounded like a grand adventure, but Bill soon realizes that life on the frontier is dangerous, and in an alien world with no safety nets, nature is cruelly unforgiving of even small mistakes. Bill’s new home is a world of unearthly wonders and heartbreaking tragedy. He will face hardships, survive dangers, and grow up fast, meeting the challenge of opening up a new world for humanity and finding strengths within himself that he had never suspected existed.

farmerFarmer in the Sky   4 STARS

I was thinking about this book and how it was a lot different than his normal sort when it turns out it’s part of his Juvenile collection… which it fits perfectly because it is the story of a young boy growing up… and while it sounded boring to me when I was reading about it, it turned out to be rather interesting… it’s not action packed and being for a younger crowd there’s no romance in it… but Heinlein really looks into what it would be like to be some of the first people arriving on a world that isn’t exactly terraformed… the long trip out there, trying to start a farm in a harsh environment, and just being somewhere so completely different than the life you’re used too… and the fact that it doesn’t rely on futuristic inventions to boggle the mind, but instead on new discoveries and having a world pioneered in a mix of technology and old school ingenuity is part of what made it so great… it’s the sort of book that anyone of any age interested in science fiction would be intrigued by…


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