Million Dollar Question

Million Dollar Question  by  Ellie Campbell   description:

Just as a huge financial scandal ejects Olivia Wheeler from her high-flying Manhattan job and high-society engagement, a silver Mercedes pulls up at lonely single-mother Rosie Dixon’s house with a cheque for one million pounds from the Premium Bonds. Two very different strokes of luck. And yet both women have more in common than they realize. While Olivia struggles with the humiliations of surviving in London broke and homeless, shy unassuming Rosie discovers that unexpected wealth arrives with its own mega-load of problems.

Can a career-obsessed workaholic find a passion for something earthier and warmer than cold hard cash? And can Rosie sift through envy and greed to discover true friends, true family and even true love?

Two strangers who’ve never met. Yet neither realizes how each is affecting the other’s destiny or the places their paths touch and fates entwine.
But will they surmount the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune?

million dollar questionMillion Dollar Question    5 STARS

Honestly this isn’t my sort of book in the least. I have no clue why I agreed to read it, and went in expecting to be drudging through pages of boredom. Obviously that wasn’t what happened. Instead I was up reading till I couldn’t keep my eyes open, and picked back up the moment I woke up again. It’s a rather realistic look into someone whose life has undergone a huge change. Which was sad in a way with how people tend to react when you’re in the midst of a scandal, or when you win a lot of money, and people either try and take advantage of you or hate you for being better off. Olivia and Rosie are both people that could easily be someone you know. They’re not stereotypes, but genuine people trying to come to terms with what life has thrown their way. Just as I could see myself reacting the same way they do even as I want to smack them upside their head for their stupidity. But the best part was just how Campbell managed to tie in every little piece that was mentioned, everything building up to a surprisingly plausible end. Nothing was mentioned just for the heck of it, there isn’t anything random and tossed in just to help with the wrap up. It was a perfectly laid out story of two people whose lives were intertwining in ways they could’ve never seen coming.


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