You Think You Know Genius

When you think of the genius detectives out there you definitely think Sherlock Holmes…


After all he can size you up with a look. He’s the detective which all other detectives are compared.
You may even think of Hercule Poirot…


With his little grey cells that sees all the tiny details. He’s even solved a case without ever having to leave his office.
However, the true genius is Columbo…


The difference between him and Holmes or Poirot is that the others come across as extremely intelligent. But everyone underestimates Columbo, with his polite ways and apologetic comments, and always acting confused. While he is always nice no matter how rude others are to him, he’s able to basically manipulate the killer into helping him solve the crime, and he knows what he’s doing every step of the way from the beginning. He knows they’re the killer he’s just messing with them with his “One more question” and “There’s something else I don’t understand.” I swear if he was coming after me I’d confess just to get him away from me. He picks and picks until you don’t know which way is up, and there’s no way to keep the story straight because he asks about every little thing whether it’s related or not. It’d drive me insane. I almost feel sorry for the killers, if not for the fact they’re killers. Nope. Give me Holmes or Poirot any day, but no way would I want to get pitted against Columbo.

Also, while the TV show did come first, there were books written afterwards…

A Columbo series of books was published by MCA Publishing in 1972 by authors Alfred Lawrence, Henry Clement and Lee Hays, mostly adapted from the TV series.

Columbo was also used as the protagonist for a series of novels by William Harrington. (Only know about these being some good reads)

William Link, the co-creator of the series, has written a collection of Columbo short stories, entitled The Columbo Collection.


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