Columbo: The Game Show Killer

The Game Show Killer  by  William Harrington  description:

For over twenty-five years, Columbo has been the most popular , and persistent, detective on television, drawing millions of viewers a week. William Harrington’s compelling new novel pits the famous TV detectives against one of the most brilliant and flamboyant lawyers in the country. It may seem like the perfect murder, but if there’s the tiniest flaw, the famous Lieutenant Columbo will find it.

columbo gameBOOK 4: The Game Show Killer   4 STARS

So by those that lent them to me it was recommended I start with this book, work my way through to the end, and then go back to the first. Not sure how much it’ll end up mattering, though personally I do say to watch the show first since it came before the books. and that is what these books are based on. Plus if you don’t like the show I highly doubt you’ll like this, because Harrington did a great job of capturing the Columbo we all know and love. Though I do love that with the books you get more of what’s going on with the killers, which like the show you know who it is from the beginning, but more so Columbo’s dealings with the other cops on the force and even reporters. And getting to see what others really think of him and how they are able to work with him in humorous little bits, because unlike the show this book has him as famous as such a detective would be, even as everyone is still surprised by his rumpled appearance. The mystery he’s solving is also an interesting one because for once he doesn’t actually seem so sure of the killer, and I believe it’s because he’s good at reading people and while Erika is the killer Columbo always knows when there’s more to the story. So it really is a great novel that uses every part that made the show great, but also added much to the story line to keep you wondering which “one more question” the little fella will ask next.


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