Columbo: The Glitter Murder

BOOK 4:  The Game Show Killer  by William Harrington

The Glitter Murder   description:

It seems obvious that famous motion-picture director Gunnar Sven was murdered during the course of a break-in robbery. Obvious to everyone that is, but Lieutenant Columbo, who always innocently asks “just one more little question.” Impervious to the dazzling lights of Hollywood, and the whims of its stars, Columbo methodically unravels the devious truth behind…The Glitter Murder.

glitterBOOK 5: The Glitter Murder   4 STARS

Okay, so it was probably a bad idea not to start with book one, because, while it didn’t at all make it hard to understand this mystery or what was going on, they do reference old cases and it’d just be nice to be in on the idea of it. But I didn’t take a way a star for that because that was my own fault. No, my only problem is right there in the beginning it has Ai-ling’s family history rushed through in one paragraph that actually made it hard to try and figure out who this book is centered around, and as it continued it felt like information was just given off in a list to try and shove it out right quick. Which was made even more unnecessary because that same information was actually worked into the story line in a more useful manner later on. But after the first couple of pages it gets back to the good writing I loved so much in the last book, and in many ways this one was actually a better plot line, because it didn’t just revolve around a single murder. Instead there’s a lot of crime going on, and people guilty of several different things that are dragged in because of this murder. And once more, I love that it isn’t a who-done-it, because we get to see Ai-ling’s struggle to keep her story straight, and fear of getting caught. Plus seeing the sides of the other people wondering who did kill Gunnar, and hoping they won’t be blamed for it just makes it so intense and captivating that I didn’t want to put it down. Plus, just getting to hear Columbo ask one more question makes reading these books worthwhile. I only hate that there’s just 6 of them.


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