The Sun’s Rival… A Wilderhark Tale

BOOK 1: The Swan Prince  by  Danielle E. Shipley

BOOK 2: The Stone Kingdom

BOOK 3: The Seventh Spell

BOOK 4: The Song Caster

The Sun’s Rival   description:

Next to the uncommon beauty of her sisters, Princess Laraspur feels invisible, until she learns the two most powerful kings in the world have their eyes fixed upon her. But the ensuing double-courtship goes horribly awry, requiring Laraspur to brave the secret perils of earth, sea, and sky, on a quest that will try the very essence of her being.

sunBOOK 5: The Sun’s Rival   5 STARS

In some ways this book probably doesn’t deserve 5 stars. There aren’t any big surprises, no twists, I mean everything is basically laid out right at the beginning. And yet this book felt more like a fairy tale than any of the others. The closest fairy tale that I know to compare this to would be East of the Sun, West of the Moon, but only vaguely. Because, while the others were clearly retellings, and even going a bit silly about it at times, this wasn’t one that was glaringly obvious, if it is copying any at all. However, in the way this story is told, simply but full of the magical elements, and the journey told using 3 parts in the adventure, really makes this feel like it could’ve been something you’d find by the Grimm Brothers. Well, with a bit more developed characters. Plus I loved that this is dealing with Rosalba and Edgwyn’s children, and that it isn’t the oldest, who is the most beautiful finding a prince. Instead, it’s the 2nd oldest, who always feels in the shadow of her more beautiful sisters. Which allowed it to take the pieces of fairy tales we know so well, namely dealing with one’s beauty, and really approaching it from a new angle. Altogether, wonderfully done.


2 thoughts on “The Sun’s Rival… A Wilderhark Tale

    • It’s about the best compliment I could give to such a book… the Grimm Brothers are awesome and I’ve had to study their works and patterns used in their form of story telling and I couldn’t help but notice a similarity that really made this a good read…

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