Labor Day Fun

So this past weekend my husband and I decided to head for the mountains to see some new views. It was amazing! First off, it was just great to get to spend time together, no one else around (well, other than the many other tourists), and getting to just do our own thing was great. It is actually the first vacation since our honeymoon that we’ve ever taken that didn’t involve either of our families.

However, what was just so perfect about it was the fact that the main reason we went there was because he’s decided to take up photography. That means him standing outside staring at things from different angles, trying to get a good picture of whatever he sees. Some of that means me running around pointing out things just so he can tell me that it wouldn’t turn out like I’d think it would. He’s usually right about such things, but I can still get him to take a snap every now and then just in case. Yet, a lot of it is me sitting in the car as he pops out on the side of the road, while hoping we’re not trespassing, and to make sure we remember where we’re at when the pictures were taken I take a notebook.

At first it was just taking short notes on road names, and descriptions, and even making a quick sketch of the place. And I’m not good at drawing landscapes or wildlife on a good day, so you can imagine they’re pretty crappy, but still good to get to draw something. Still not the best part. It was, of course, the writing. What was just the bare minimum of what was going on, began to grow into really describing the area and the feel of it. I began to branch out in adjectives, because I do have the tendency to stick to words like “awesome” and “beautiful” over and over. It was a good exercise in writing, and fun to travel over the country side to enjoy the fresh air.

In the end, my husband and I both got to do what we loved most. He got some wonderful shots, and I got to write about it. Altogether, a great weekend was had by all.



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