Into the Looking Glass

Into the Looking Glass  by  John Ringo    description:


When a 60 kiloton nuclear explosion destroys the University of Central Florida, terrorism is the first suspect. But terrorists don’t generally leave doorways to another world in their wake.

With time of the essence, the Secretary of Defense scrounges up the nearest physicist with a high level security clearance. With doctorates in everything from nuclear physics to electrical engineering, William Weaver, PhD, is the egghead’s egghead. On the other hand, with skills in everything from mountain biking to screaming electric guitar, he’s also fast enough and tough enough to survive when the alien gates start disgorging “demons.”

As a snap decision, he appears to be the perfect choice: smart, tough and capable. Now if he could only patch things up with his girlfriend, get his boss off his back and get his cellphone bill paid. Oh, yeah, and figure out why the heck these gates keep opening. Okay, so sometimes he’s got priority issues.

As the gates spread and evil aliens spread with them, it is up to Weaver and SEAL Command Master Chief Miller to find a way to stop the proliferation and close the hostile gates. The problem being that the only way they can see to save the earth is destroy it. Then there’s not going to be any more girlfriends or cellphones or bosses…

One and a half at the very least. Worst two out of three. Gotta prioritize. Guess Weaver and Miller are just gonna have to save the world.

looking glassBOOK 1: Into the Looking Glass    5 STARS

First I have to give credit to the fact that every book in the series gets its’ name from Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking Glass. Rather appropriate since such an event would definitely make the world seem completely turned around, and suddenly anything would be possible. Regardless of the fact that it does reference such a nonsense novel, it uses a lot of real scientific facts and theories to create a world where these events are possible, making this one of the best science fiction novels I’ve come across. For once it isn’t aliens come to our planet and start kicking our butt, instead we’re the ones who open the gateways with our advance technology. Okay, accidentally, but still. Which leads to all sorts of aliens coming through, some more advanced, some not, some good, some bad. And it’s got a good sense of humor to keep the story from getting dark. More so, I love how Ringo tells the story. Though Weaver and Miller are the main characters, being the main ones in the action and making the decisions on how to take on the aliens, they’re not the only points of view. Usually I hate it when people give a bunch of background and detail on a person that isn’t around for more than a few pages, but Ringo uses it to tell the tale from different people, and how it effects people differently; some can take it in nonchalantly, while others are silently crying as they push the button to nuke American cities. It even gives parts of the story from the aliens side, so that we know how they think and react to the events as well. Altogether it makes such an all encompassing story from the political, to the business, to the soldiers just following orders and the civilians picking up their guns to join in in some form or another, that it feels like a real account of how such would go down and that just makes it all the more fantastic. It’s non stop excitement, and really starts off an excellent series.


8 thoughts on “Into the Looking Glass

  1. I loved this series…the only trouble is THAT RINGO DOESN’T END IT! Like many of his other series he builds and builds and then moves on to something else. I’ve stopped reading his stuff until he finishes something he’s started.


    • Well each book does at least end its’ story… but I don’t know how a series like this could ever really end… I mean it’s all about traveling in space and discovering new things… and that’s a lot of area and possibilities to cover… and I honestly keep hoping he’ll write another… but I know what you mean… never knowing if the series is over or waiting for the next one to come out… but heck I’ve read several series now by other authors that were supposed end at a certain book but was such a big hit they kept going so it’s hard to even know when any series truly ends… unless the author/or main character is dead… then it’s a sure bet…

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      • I don’t know what I want exactly. I just want some form of “they all lived happily ever after” type thing I suppose. In this series he (and the other author– the rocket scientist guy) there is indeed a resolution to the monster of the week episodes but not the over arching story of the critters that want to take them all out and the race they stumble upon with the chaos balls or whatever they’re called (I read the series like 5-years ago so my memory may be a little dusty). My frustration starts with him (Ringo) in the Posleen series. He got bored with it after book 3…mailed in a book 4 (or maybe 5) in my opinion and then pushed the universe off to other authors. If I’d known this is what he was going to do I would not have invested in the Posleen series or the Looking Glass series. I’ve heard similar complaints about the Troy series. Looking Glass is great fun but only in the short term…in my opinion which is only worth whatever it is.


      • Yeah that definitely doesn’t sound too good for the Posleen series… will definitely stay away from that one then… but this one as far as I can tell he’s the one writing these books… and they do get closer on the Dreen (the original bad guys)… but yeah I do hate when they bring in some ancient remnants of another alien civilization without any real answers… sometimes it feels like they needed some super duper smart stuff but didn’t want to have an alien around that was that smart and so just created a dead race instead… because then you don’t have to really explain how it even works, it just does…

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