Finding A Quote

“Imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality.”

Every single site that I’ve found this on not only attributes it to Lewis Carroll, but to his work Alice in Wonderland. There are even things you can buy out there that have this quote tied to the Cheshire Cat from the book. My problem is that I just read that book in search of this quote, and I even went on to read Through the Looking Glass just in case. The quote is in neither.

However, just in case I went to Project Gutenberg, which has all Lewis Carroll’s works available to read online, to search all his works. I did this by opening the HTML versions where you can do the specific search for a word. None of them had this quote in it, and only one piece even said the word imagination. Though I did search both the words ‘imagination’ and ‘reality’ in case there was some form of this sentence in any of them. There was not. The problem is I can’t even figure out if Carroll even said this or not at some point possibly outside of his works because every site does attribute it specifically to Alice in Wonderland.

Plus, if you look on Goodreads this quote is also listed as something Jules de Gaultier said, whoever that person might be. Which is further implied to be the real author of these words by a commenter on Yahoo. Which normally I don’t give that much credence to, but in this case I think this guy knows more than apparently the rest of the internet.


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