Shizzle, Inc.

Shizzle, Inc.  by  Ana Spoke   description:

Isa Maxwell is an average busty blond, a recent graduate of a community college, and rap-loving, gun-toting, self-proclaimed badass. More than anything else, Isa wants to be discovered, so that she can solve her financial woes and win back Brad, the love of her life.

Thanks to her clumsiness, street smarts, and unbelievable bit of luck, Isa, lands a dream job at Shizzle, Inc. Things start to look up when Mr. Hue, the playboy billionaire owner of Shizzle, Inc takes Isa under his wing. Isa even gets a number of new love interests, but all is not what it seems. In fact, absolutely nothing is what it seems.

Can Isa survive the tough world of corporate intrigue and constant looming bodily harm? Or will her efforts be the end of Shizzle, Inc and possibly her life?

shizzleBOOK 1: Shizzle, Inc.   3 STARS

I’m someone who prefers sound reasoning and logic, I have actually fact checked the smallest of details in a book just to see if the author knew what they were talking about. So books, and even movies, that rely on nonsensical humor that leans towards the absurd at times tends not to be my cup of tea. However, this book kept me laughing and turning the page until late into the night. Isa is about as clueless and naive as a girl can get, constantly thinking everyone around her, both male and female, are falling in love with her, except of course the ones that actually are. Her goal in life is to be discovered, though she never actually bothered honing any talents, but just knows she’s destined to be rich and famous. She’s definitely a bit delusional, but rather adorably so as you watch her sort of figure out about the struggles of the big bad corporate world. My main problem is that the book was a little lacking with the story line and the development of the characters, and it was almost like Spoke wasn’t sure exactly where it was going, though a little past the half way point it’s as if the story got pumped full of life and all the supporting characters finally became like real people. After that the writing style progressively got better and the tale of Isa actually came together in a rather sensible way for such a comedic story. It ended just as funny as it began, and I’d honestly would like to see what insanity Isa gets in next.


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