Can only Mommies Mommy?

It always seems like it’s big news when a dad is caught doing something that a mom might normally do, like they’re some freak of nature that must be observed because dad’s aren’t meant to change diapers, fix their daughter’s hair, or really anything dealing with their kids that isn’t like some how involved with sports or other manly duties.

husbandsThen lately it seems posts like these keep popping up on my Facebook, and it really pisses me off. Because women don’t like to be stereotyped, I mean we’re all about a woman can do anything a man can do, and yet we proudly say a man can’t do everything a woman can do. And yes, there are plenty of guys out there who are at a complete lost on how to deal with children, and who may not care to learn or take the time. But there are plenty of women that way too. Women act like when you have a baby some magical hormone is released that suddenly turns you into the perfect mother and you know exactly what to do and how to do it because only mother’s know how to take care of babies. It’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard.

If this was true why are there abusive mothers, why are there moms that kill their own kids, heck why are there mothers who are just too lazy to properly take care of their children. Sure we can brush off the first two as possibly just a bunch of crazies, but what about the last? I know these mothers who don’t take time to spend with their kids, who brush them off and want them to leave them alone, and worse who don’t care about what’s safest for them. There was a girl who posted on Facebook asking for people’s opinion on what’s safest, for their baby to sleep on their back or their stomach. Honestly something that they should be asking their doctor, and everyone who commented said that when they’re first born they’re supposed to sleep on their backs, even if they may seem to sleep better on their stomach. I looked up research on several sites to back up this, to prove to her that sleeping on their stomach is more likely to cause SIDS. But one person said that all her kids slept on their stomachs and they survived, which I’m sure they did because it’s not like it causes instant death or something, but it didn’t matter how many people told her or what the doctors say, all that mattered was one person agreed with what she already was wanting to do. Because the baby slept more on their stomach, and that made her life easier. It’s just simple laziness, and I hope her baby is okay and most likely he will be, but if the worse does happen she’ll be crying about why didn’t anyone tell her, when people tried to but she didn’t care.

Now let’s go to my dad, because who better to show that dad’s can take care of kids. I wrote a post about him, and my family in general before if you want to check it out. But of course I can’t remember when I was a baby, but I do remember him being and still being the best friend I ever had. He took care of all of us kids, just as much as my mom did, because I don’t want you thinking she wasn’t awesome also. However, my sister had a baby, the sweetest boy you ever met, and so now I can see  him in action around a baby. He watches him 3 days a week, the other 2 he goes to a baby sitter that has a little girl so he can play with other children. My dad changes diapers, feeds him, and plays with him all on his own because my mom is at work. Like he said, he may not do things the same way my mom would, he does them the way he does, but he still does the job well. They’re little pals, and my dad is spoiling him rotten right now, but he also teaches him stuff. He’s taught him the names of all his toys, and helps him when he’s trying to figure out how something works, because that kid wants to know how everything works. And when it’s his nap time my dad makes sure to tell him that he’ll be there when he wakes up and that everything’s okay and that baby goes out like a light. They have their own special bond that is just as legitimate as the bond that sweet boy has with his own mother.

My dad has been watching him for over a year now, and he loves his grandson like there is no tomorrow and there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for him, just like there’s nothing he wouldn’t do for his own 3 kids. It isn’t unmanly for a guy to take care of children, just like it’s okay for a woman to be at a complete loss on how to take care of a baby. I mean, I am not a kid person, everyone acts like it’s so strange that when I’m around babies I have no urge to hold them, care for them, or find their antics adorable. Although I will say, hanging with my nephew has changed a lot of that, I still will not change his diaper, but I do love the little fella like crazy. The fact is anyone who cares can be the best parent and take care of a child, it isn’t just some magic a mom can work, dad’s are just as important and capable.


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