You’re Not Brave… You’re Irritating

Well here’s my rant for the day, I am sick of people posting on Facebook about how big hearted they are, and how much love they give, and how everyone else just tramples on them, but they’ll keep loving them anyway because they’re just that great of a person. First off, if you have to give yourself compliments like that, that’s sad. It’d be different if someone shared one of those little posts like that on your page to say how great they know you are, but when you’re sharing it for yourself it’s pretty conceited, and not exactly adding up to the sweet humble person you’re trying to describe yourself as being. Secondly, stop loving people who trample all over you, that’s just asking to be hurt in that case. Life’s too short, surround yourself with people who love you back.

Worse though, are the posts that talk about how much pain they’re in, but you’ll never know about it because they hide it all behind a smile. Well of course we all know about it, you just told everyone on Facebook that you’re in some kind of pain but hiding it, but now we all know how brave you are and how strong because you hide your emotions away from the world. Honestly, it makes me a little nervous, because if you’re bottling up those kind of issues how long before you snap and people around you start going missing? My problem with that is two-fold. First, once more you’re trying to make yourself out to be some selfless great person who doesn’t need the spotlight and instead basically just tries to stand in the background where no one might notice whatever issues you’re dealing with. If any of that is even remotely true in real life it is negated by you bragging about it on Facebook, or really whatever social media site you’re using to share those pre-made posts that you didn’t even take the time to put some thought into but just click share over and over.

Secondly, if that is in fact true, and you’re hiding your problems and pain from everyone around you, that isn’t brave, that isn’t some deep emotional strength, that is a weakness. It is easier to hide stuff from everyone so you don’t have to deal with it, and it shows you don’t really trust anyone around you because you won’t show them your true self, as well as you obviously have a closed off soul because you’re not letting anyone in. That’s bad on many levels. It takes real strength to own up to the struggles you’re in, I’m not talking being a drama queen constantly crying out “woe is me” or some nonsense, but letting the ones you care about and who care about you know that you’re having problems and may need help takes real strength. Hiding isn’t the strong thing to do, being open with who you are and what you’re going through is. So stop posting these ridiculous things, and instead just go and be happy in life with people who love you and accept you exactly as you are.


5 thoughts on “You’re Not Brave… You’re Irritating

  1. I think we share the same friends. It’s the ones who hide behind the smile who you have to watch out for. They’re in deep pain, and like you said, you don’t want to be there when they snap. A sobering message, indeed!


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