Some Halloweenish Reading


So for Halloween I thought I’d put together a list of books that were spooky, creepy, gave me the heebie jeebies, or  you know deals with the supernatural. Here you go.

phantomsPhantoms by  Dean Koontz

So this is one of those books that just makes you never want to turn out the lights again, and possibly hide in your room the rest of your life. Really freaked me out, because even when you finally get the full story it’s still completely disturbing and really does leave you wondering, especially since it uses bits of real history where weird junk happened and there’s no explanation for it. Never like it when they do that, because even as you may believe that Koontz’s explanation is most likely not even close to what happened in real life, it still leaves you wondering what really happened to those people, and could it happen to you.

skinSkin  by  Ted Dekker

Unfortunately I don’t have an actual review to attach to this. Something I definitely need to remedy. This however is one strange cookie of a book. A group of people who don’t know each other end up in this town, and one moment it’s a town being plagued by a serial killer, and the next their waking up in a deserted version where they’re all alone, and possibly still being hunted by a serial killer, and back and forth they go. You get glimpses into the mind of the  killer as well, which always ups the creep factor of a book, and definitely made me never want to eat mustard again. Either way, it’s an interesting book with a wicked ending.

insatiableInsatiable by Meg Cabot

Yes it’s vampires, but Cabot made it both interesting, amusing, and devious. The 2nd book in the serious definitely goes into creepy territory at times. I do like that the main girl hates vampires, thinks it ridiculous the soap opera she writes for is trying to introduce them, and can also tell exactly how a person is going to die. Plus I love the tie in between angels and demons, so it really took it a step beyond the norm.

forbiddenThe Forbidden Game  by  L.J. Smith

We got evil Shadow Men, and that alone is enough to make it to this list. Mainly cause they love making people face their worse nightmares, and well do a bunch of evil stuff trapping people’s souls in those nightmares or in like creepy fortune telling machines. So many layers of messed up that just keeps coming. It’s sort of like a twisted and even more disturbing version of Jumanji that just keeps coming for you even if you technically win the game. It just wants to play with you… forever… and ever… and ever…

moonlightMoonlight, Madness, and Magic

This is 3 short stories, well 4 if you count the introductory one, each dealing with the descendants of a curse. It’s a paranormal romance as well, but instead of just falling for the vampire or werewolf they’re having to figure out how to break the curse that’s causing them to transform into such, which was a nice switch-up. Plus it’s a little naughty as well, and that’s good any time of the year.


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