A Finished Painting

So in Painting Gone Wrong I showed how messed up my painting was, and how trying to fix over it just made it worse and worse. So I finally gessoed over it, if you want to know what I did exactly check out this youtube video. He was the only one I could find that didn’t put it on overly thick with a weird texture. I was actually surprised by how much of the original texture of the canvas still came through so you have those ridges that hold on to the paint. Although I didn’t get it all painted straight across like you’re meant too, and you can see some of the imperfections if you get really close to the canvas, but hopefully no one plans to get that close to my canvas.

red treeIf you go back to the previous post you’ll notice that this is obviously going in a different direction. Decided that since that style was so vastly different than my normal sort I should probably try such on a smaller scale first. But then I was feeling red and wanted to well paint a canvas red, and so that’s what started this. The sunset-ish part is just a blending of red, yellow, and white. The basic colors, and I just blended till I liked what I saw, though I ended up having to make it bigger than that because once the leaves were added it just seemed like a lot of it was hidden and there was too much empty space around. So go big. I also added a little more splashes of yellow on the bottom as well. Not much more but it went mainly where I planned to add more scattered leaves. Though you can’t really see it much in the picture below, it did help lighten those areas to really help make it all pop a little more. Worth the effort either way. And the tree was there so I knew how I was going to get the leaves, plus, some of the limbs ultimately shined through.

finish pinkAnd this is the finished product. For the the tree leaves I used a rounded tip brush gave it a fluffiness I liked. A pretty blend of pink and white, it’s kind of supposed to look like a cherry blossom tree. Sort of. The scattered, I guess they would be more petals than leaves, I did with a smaller square tip brush doing random upward strokes. Felt like it implied chaos and movement of petals being blown around. Either way, I loved how it turned out in the end. Not at all how this canvas originally began, but it ended on something I’m happy with and that’s all that matters.


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