The Dad of Limitless

limitlessI am loving the show Limitless. The movie was great, but honestly I didn’t think it would work out too good for a show. The fact they’re doing it as an extension of the movie, having Bradley Cooper still play the part of Eddie Morra, and more so as a perhaps slightly bad guy who may  not even realize he’s a bad guy, really helped set it off to a great start. But really it’s Jake McDorman, as Brian Finch, who made this show so wonderful. Most crime shows tend to be a bit of a downer, but Brian is a quirky guy who really makes being super intelligent an arts and crafts montage of good humor. He showed that just because a drug may make you smarter, it doesn’t change who you are. It just magnified it, and so with this new intelligence he’s doing what he can to make the world a safer place, and helping out those he cares about along the way as well. Altogether just begin a good guy.

Which is why Brian’s dad, played by Ron Rifkin, bothers me so much. I like the actor, he’s a cool dude, and at first he seems like a great dad. Always being there for Brian, and sticking up for him when the FBI was after him to begin with. You would think to finally see his free loading son not only make something of himself, but do so in a way that’s really noble like assisting law enforcement in apprehending dangerous criminals, would make him happy. However it’s like he doesn’t like his son no longer being dependent on him. Brian has a good job, lives in a nice apartment, and is happy, and suddenly his dad cuts him off. He actually refuses to take his phone calls, and then shows up to tell him he no longer wants all the stuff Brian has made him over the years because basically he no longer loves him now that Brian doesn’t tell him everything. This is just terrible parenting.

Sure when you’re raising your kids you have a lot of control over their life, and really need to know what they’re up to. But once they’re grown they have a right to their privacy, and a right to live the life they choose whether you approve of it or not. Especially since Brian is clearly doing good for himself. I understand being concerned, but to basically cut your child off like that is just wrong. And then when Brian finally tells him everything, because he doesn’t want his dad out of his life, his dad turns it around and assumes Brian needs saving still. He ignores Brian’s wishes, and breaks their own confidentiality by telling others. He also is determined to see Brian as someone who needs saving, because that’s what his dad wants, he wants to be the guy that Brian has to rely on to function. And I hate that. It really is making me angry, and now I hate it every time he shows up on the show.

Anyway, that’s my opinion. Regardless, still think the show is AWESOME!


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