Ice Planet Barbarians

Ice Planet Barbarians  by  Ruby Dixon   description:

You’d think being abducted by aliens would be the worst thing that could happen to me. And you’d be wrong. Because now, the aliens are having ship trouble, and they’ve left their cargo of human women – including me – on an ice planet.

And the only native inhabitant I’ve met? He’s big, horned, blue, and really, really has a thing for me…

ice planetBOOK 1: Ice Planet Barbarians    3 STARS

I don’t know why it says it’s the complete series, it is just the first book, which is rather short. There are complaints on the plot being ridiculous, but seriously this is cheesy porno in written form, its’ plot is meant to be ridiculous situations that lead to hot sex. Although, I have to give Dixon credit on doing a great job with the characters themselves. Georgie is abducted, but she does what she can to take charge, even when she has no clue what she’s doing. You see the fears and struggles she has to overcome when trying to not only save herself, but the other girls on an alien planet. But I really loved the rotating first person (which I normally hate), but when it would switch to Vektal, an Ice Barbarian, it made the story very entertaining. Georgie is funny, but hearing her from Vektal’s point of view, where you get her part of the conversation in the garbled way listening to a strange language would be, it was pretty great. All he mainly hears is the strange consonants that he has trouble mimicking, but we as the reader are able to still understand what Georgie is saying. It was a good bit of wit on Dixon’s part, that made the story a fun and naughty read. Hopefully the rest of the series is as good.


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