Barbarian Lover

BOOK 1: Ice Planet Barbarians by  Ruby Dixon

BOOK 2: Barbarian Alien

Barbarian Lover   description:

As one of the few humans stranded on the ice planet, I should be happy that I have a new home. Human women are treasured here, and one alien in particular has made it clear that he wants me. It’s hard to push away the sexy, flirtatious Aehako, when all I want to do is grab him by his horns and insist he take me to his furs.

But I’ve got a terrible secret – the aliens who abducted me are back, and thanks to the translator in my ear, they can find me. My presence here endangers everyone… but can I give up my new life and the man I want more than anything?

ice loverBOOK 3: Barbarian Lover   5 STARS

I know I’m addicted, don’t judge me. While the last two were definitely all about the erotica, this was much more of a romance novel. No hanky panky right off the bat, but just 2 people falling in love, and one of them scared to death of it. This book takes the time to delve into some of the fears of the women living with the tribe, not sure where there place is, and if the aliens want them for anything more than popping out babies. Things are more settled and so you get a good picture of the every day life there, and going through this series you get a better understanding of the characters which is nice. This one is a lot more serious, but still managed to keep its’ good humor, which I just love. But I think it was the stepping away from the khui forcing 2 people together that really helped break the mold, and took it a step above. Altogether it is making this a very fun series to go through. And yes I’ve already read the next book. Apparently I’m just gonna have me a big blue barbarian Christmas, and I’m loving it.


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