Aliens vs Germs

So I was thinking about War of the Worlds today, go with either the movie or the book, in the end it is germs that kill the aliens, because they had no immunity. I know folks that said that was lame, a total cop out, but thinking about it today it really does kind of make sense. I mean a large portion of the Native Americans that lived here when European settlers came over were wiped out by germs. Sicknesses that they had no immunity too, and that’s dealing with people who live on the same planet as each other. I’ve seen this dealt with in other science fiction stories. I’m currently reading Vorpal Blade by John Ringo (2nd in the Looking Glass series), and while getting ready to go into space they’re inoculated with one of those nice unknown shots that is basically supposed to hopefully protect them from whatever might be out there. Even in Agents of Shield episode FZZT from season 1 had humans getting infected by an alien virus that is carried through skin cells left behind on a Chitauri helmet. So it’s not like this isn’t something considered and dealt with in the science fiction world.

However, like really thinking about this, shouldn’t that be the number one issue that we would have to over come if we ever were to go out into space, or if aliens ever really came here. Although, that’s something that was also sort of explained in The Host by Stephenie Meyer. There the aliens abducted people in order to cure their illnesses so they wouldn’t have to worry about it, though that was more so their host bodies would be healthy, since they’re a parasite. So I’m not sure if that really had anything to do with their own immunity, but would make sense for alien abductions before invasion. Regardless, if we ever do make it out into space, wouldn’t any habitable planet be full of microbes that could infect us. Things we have no immunity for. Would any existing microbes carry over even if we terraformed a planet?

Heck, right now our antibiotics are beginning to fail against the sicknesses we currently have here on Earth. How could we ever truly prepare for whatever may be out there? We are often so afraid of the aliens that may exist if we started traveling the stars, but shouldn’t we be more worried about all the tiny things that could crawl under our skin into our veins and kill us from the inside out. The next thought is could it jump species? Germs do here, it might take a bit for it to adapt and become something that can infect us, but after a while it’ll get us before we can get it. Screw aliens beings, alien germs are what freak me out.


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