The Firebrand… The Chicago Fire Trilogy

BOOK 1: The Hostage by  Susan Wiggs

BOOK 2: The Mistress

The Firebrand   description:

Chicago is burning

And Lucy Hathaway is running for her life. As she rushes past a fine hotel engulfed in flames, a wrapped bundle tumbles from a window into her arms. Seconds later the building crumbles – and Lucy is astonished to discover the swaddled blanket contains a baby.

Five years later Lucy walks into Rand Higgins’s bank and knows: the orphan she rescued that day actually belongs to this ruthless financier. Now, to keep the child she’s come to love, she’ll have to give up her hard-won freedom and become his wife. But giving Rand her heart? That, she could never have expected …

firebrandBOOK 3: The Firebrand    4 STARS

I love how each of these plots vary. They’re very distinct from one another, and while the other two really took place right during the the time of the fire and right afterwards, this one is long after the city has rebuilt itself. Yet the fire is what puts the stories’ wheels in motion. I love how Lucy is a feminist, but not the stereotypical one. She believes women should have the freedom to do as the please just as men should, but she doesn’t use that as an excuse to not do things women are expected to do. She raises a baby girl that isn’t hers, and she even tries to be respectable for her. Though she doesn’t mind sharing her opinion with everyone, and that little girl, Maggie, is completely adorable.While Rand is a strict by the book kind of guy. He’s a good guy, and would never mistreat a woman, he also doesn’t necessarily see why women are unhappy with the way things are now. So they’re a fun pair to be matched together, and all because they both love Maggie. It’s a really great end to the trilogy, and a sweet love story. I think Wiggs did a great job of spinning a rather historically accurate series, and it makes me want to go find more by her.


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